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Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the useful information you need in order to support your learning at home. Each week your spellings will be posted so that you don't have to worry about copying them down incorrectly. Any important messages will also be shared to ensure that you are kept up to date.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates throughout each topic, including pictures to show what we have been learning.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and successful year in Year 4.


Let's get started!

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We came. we saw, we conquered!


This term we are learning all about The Romans.  We will be learning about the Roman Empire and its impact upon Britain.

We will be looking at the Roman army and key figures from Roman times such as Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius and Boudicca.  We will be investigating the Roman way of life and looking at the impact of their culture and ideas.  We are really looking forward to a visit from a Roman soldier in the final week of this term.

Samlesbury Hall Trip March 2017

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World Book Day 2017

We came to school as amazing book characters.   Well done to everyone, we had a fabulous day!

Hakuna Matata

During Spring 2  we are learning all about Africa.  We will be looking at maps of the continent and the countries within it, as well as studying  Africa's diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife.  We will be spending some time looking at South Africa, the impact of the Apartheid regime and the life's work of Nelson Mandela.  We will be reading 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo as part of this topic.

India Week

From 6/02/17 to 10/02/17 we have had an amazing India week in Year 4! We began by researching India and finding out lots of geographical facts. We were  lucky enough to receive letters from the children at the Shining Light School in Pune which we have responded to and hope to remain pen pals with. We have also had lots of visitors over the week and been involved in lots of creative activities such as making a diva lamp out of clay, 3D elephants and lotus flower paper craft. We used our mathematical knowledge to plan a holiday to India using a travel guide and a set amount of money. In addition, we have studied Hinduism and set up a shrine in our classrooms for the children to look at. Overall, it has been a fabulous week for all to be involved in!










Off with their head!


This half term we will be looking into the wonderful lives of the Tudors. This is a fascinating period of British history and there are so many amazing facts to discover.


Why do you think this topic is called 'Off with their head?'



Welcome to term 2! Our creative topic this half term is 'Frozen.' We will be investigating all sorts of science based things linked to solids, liquids and gases. Why not check out some of these web links to give yourself a head start!

Anti-Bullying Week

The week beginning 14th November was Anti-Bullying Week which had a whole school focus.  In Year 4 we focused upon a story entitled, 'Bully and the Shrimp' in order to explore the differences between bullying and banter.  Our Life Bus session concentrated upon playing fairly, making informed decisions and the importance of compromise in friendships.  Miss Webster led an assembly all about the importance of playing fairly and in the classroom we thought about the qualities we have, and need, in order to be a good friend to others.  There has been lots of positive discussion between the children and a real raising of awareness as to how our actions and words can affect others.

PE Kit


Lots of you seem to be missing the correct PE kit. Here is the list (taken from the school policy book and website) of what you should have.


P.E. Kit


White shorts                                    Green shorts

White T shirt                                   White T shirt

Black pumps                                      Black pumps


Grey sweatshirt*                              Grey sweatshirt*

Grey track suit pants*                      Grey track suit pants*

Pump bag                                          Pump bag   

* For all year round outdoor games            


Many of you are failing to bring shorts for indoor PE. Also, girls who are wearing tights as part of their uniform, need to remember to bring socks for PE lessons as you should not be wearing your tights.

We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science.

We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 1
We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 2
We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 3
We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 4
We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 5
We have been making and testing electrical circuits in science. 6

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