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AuRevoir Lyrics UPDATED

AuRevoirBacking Track

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Never Forget

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SATs are over - wahaaaayyy!

All of the children have tried their very best and we are expecting great results.

We still have to work on writing. Can you tick all of the boxes?


Thank you to all parents who continue to view our SeeSaw feeds. All parents seem to like it a great deal.


This term:

  • Writing assessments
  • Year 6 Growing-up day
  • Maths transitions including the "Spirals" project
  • A week at Montgomery
  • Van Gogh art project
  • Au-Revoir -  'School of Rock' at the Grand Theatre (files above)
  • Business Enterprise - let's make lots of money to pay for the cinema trip and pizzas ;)
  • Sports Day
  • SATs results ;)
  • Cinema Trip
  • Leavers' Service
  • Leavers' Disco + Pizza
  • P.E.: Summer Sports: 


All letters/ emails/ texts will be sent at the appropriate time.


It is still important that all children continue to read every day and fill in their diary.

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Picture 1 As it gets hotter, bring a cap...
Picture 2 ...and a water bottle!

Welcome to the 6T pages: Terms 3 and 4: AKA...

Welcome to the 6T pages: Terms 3 and 4: AKA... 1
Welcome to the 6T pages: Terms 3 and 4: AKA... 2

Topics for this term:


LITERACY: War Horse - Michael Murpurgo (Play Scripts, Speech, Vocabulary); SPAG (Determiners and revision)

Class Shared reading books: 6T - Amongst the Hidden, 6P - Tom's Midnight Garden, 6F - The Graveyard Book

MATHS: Revision of fractions, decimals and percentages. Mr Timson: Also, volume, rotation and translation, Angles. Roman Numerals, and Algebra.

Science: Adaptation (contd.) and Light

ICT: APP creators (PPA)

PE: Bollywood Dance performance included in India Week

Creative Topic: World War I - Link to War Horse & India Week




Also, please ensure that your child is reading EVERY night.


Thank you.

Please check out our daily SeeSaw posts also, which complement these pages. Most 6T parents have now subscribed, which is fantastic, as they can see their children's work almost as it happens. Thank you to parents who have been posting 'likes'. 

If parents need another letter containing the code to access it, please let me know. 


Thank you to all parents who attended the SATs meeting. For those who could not attend, below are some documents that will assist in preparing your child for the SATs. 


There will be another meeting for parents who could not attend on Wednesday 18th January 2017. We hope you will be able to attend.

Year 5 parents:

Please note that the PGL documents are now on the Year 5 pages onlyPlease check there for the brochure and PowerPoint for the meeting.


Carol Service at All Hallows Church - 6th December

6T readers are Zakk and Sofia.


6T: Remember to check for homework and MyMaths.

Ongoing fun 6T Projects; a prize for the best one! no


a) Make the most interesting Christmas silhouette scene using the overhead projector. You will need to ask Sonny and Millie to help you! Level 3 prize!


b) Keep trying to find a riddle to outwit Mr. Timson! Points to you, and a prize for the best one!

Five children have not outwitted me surprise  but one has! cool


Ryley: A white box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. surprise

Dylan: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you bin it? surprise Took a while!

Dylan: What is owned by you but used more by everyone else? surprise

Ryley: Bob and James go the restaurant on Friday. Neither one pays and they leave safely. Who paid? surprise

Liam: What has an 'e' at the beginning, an 'e' at the end, but only one letter? surprise


Sofia: What is always in front of you but you can't see, hear, touch, taste or smell it? cool


c) Mr Timson has a "magic 5p".

Not that magic, really, to be honest. I'll show you a trick that you will probably figure out very quickly, as you are so clever.

But... can you create a better trick than I did? 


d) A well-known riddle

  • Think of a number between 1 and 10.
  • Times it by nine. Add the digits together. Subtract 5.
  • If A=1 and B=2 etc., give the number you now have a corresponding letter.
  • Name a country beginning with that letter.
  • Name an animal beginning with the second letter of that country.
  • What colour is that animal?


Answer at the bottom of the page.



Welcome back to 6T! - updated


I hope you all had a good break. Welcome to Year 6, 2016/17.

Our first big Year Six event was PGL! Photos are below. 




Our first Creative Topic is "The Mayans" 

Our second topic is "A Christmas Wish" - involving Random Acts of Kindness. 

Maths: Term 1:  Place Value and the 4 main operations.

Term 2: Fractions, decimals and percentages. 2D and 3D shape.

English: SPAG; Recounts, "The Savage"

Science: Animals including humans - human skeleton, circulatory and digestive systems. Keeping healthy.

Term 2: Hereditary Traits and Evolution.

Music: Living on a Prayer - BONJOVI - beats, tempo and improvisation.

P.E.: We have the wonderful Mr Fogg again on Fridays. Please remember your P.E. kit

and your best behaviour and team spirit. P.E. is also on Friday afternoons for 6T (and 6F).

PE switches to Tuesday in Term 2 and 3.


Please remember to read EVERY night and fill in your reading record when you do.

FREE READERS, choose your books from home or the class library but always

write the book in your Reading Record and in Mr. Timson's black folder.


Homework will usually be from or  

A letter has been sent out that should help you access Mymaths on an ipad or Mac -

using PuffinAcademy as a browser.


Once again, we will be starting our Year 1 reading partnership soon. 6T is linked with Miss Hancock's class.

Also, we have now started a handwriting buddy system with Miss Burrows. (Wednesdays at 2.45)


Nativities for KS1 have started. Thank you to Dylan, Ruby, Braydon and Amelia for your help, and for giving up your own time.



Picture 1 "Spring Isn't Coming This Year?"
Picture 2 It will, won't it?
Picture 3 Too right! Chirp.

We all had a fantastic time at PGL. Everybody was well behaved and the staff at PGL wanted us to know that Norbreck was one of the politest and most helpful/ enthusiastic groups that they had worked with for a long time. Well done, Year Six.