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School Sports Premium


For the academic year 2013-14 Norbreck Primary Academy was awarded £10,575 to be spent on School Sports and for the academic year 2015-16 an award of £10,586.

The funding is spent on increasing opportunities for all children to develop a love of sport.

This ambition has been achieved by increasing the amount of time children spend on PE and Sporting Activities, an increase to the amount of sports on offer and the skills training they receive.


To achieve these ambitions, we contract with the Blackpool Football Club Community Project who provide us with six week blocks of extensive coaching twice per year for each year group.


All children from all Key Stages therefore benefit from high level coaching in a range of sports and skills.

The impact of this is that children have been and will continue to be exposed to and up skilled in their understanding of healthy living, of different sports and of different activities:


Introduction to healthy lifestyle

         Food Types

         Physical Activities

         How to balance your lifestyle

         Snacks and label reading

         Drinks and hydration


The sports that are delivered include:




         Dodge ball




After School Activities Include:






         Dodge ball

         Capture The Flag




These opportunities are in addition to the range of sport and PE already offered in school which include gymnastics, football, netball, athletics, cricket, ball skill training, dance and for children in Y4 and Y5, swimming.

A range of extra-curricular activities are also on offer to the children.

Children also take part in competitive events against other schools in the local and wider area including football, netball, tennis, athletics and swimming.