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Norbreck Primary Academy

Values, Ethos and Expectations


We value every child at Norbreck and treat them as an individual, meeting their needs and requirements in every possible way. We are confident that every child will succeed in achieving their personal best and will be encouraged to do so.

Our mission statement, “Whatever we do, we do it well”, inspires every child and adult at our school.



School Rules

We have a positive attitude

We treat everyone and everything with respect

We take pride in our appearance

We move around safely inside and outside



We walk quietly around school

We hold doors open for adults to walk through

We address teachers by their name

We are kind, friendly and caring towards each other

We tell the truth and are honest and fair

We wear full school uniform and always look smart

We line up quietly

We have quiet inside voices

We bring the correct equipment to school and always do our homework

We look after the school building and all equipment