Norbreck Primary Academy Whatever We Do,
We Do It Well

Tour of Our School

Picture 1 Main entrance
Picture 2 Multi-use games area
Picture 3 Art gallery
Picture 4 Community hall
Picture 5 KS1 break-out space
Picture 6 Reception outdoor area
Picture 7 Reception classroom
Picture 8 Main school hall
Picture 9 Music and Drama hall
Picture 1 KS2 Corridor
Picture 2 KS2 Y6 area and entrance/exit to school
Picture 3 A Y5 classroom
Picture 4 KS2 corridor
Picture 5 KS2 corridor
Picture 6 Reception area for parents
Picture 7 A Y6 classroom
Picture 1 A Reception classroom
Picture 2 Y1 break-out space
Picture 3 Y2 corridor
Picture 4 A Y2 classroom
Picture 5 Y1 corridor
Picture 6 Y1 Break-out space
Picture 7 A Y1 classroom
Picture 8 Y1 corridor
Picture 9 Main hall
Picture 10 KS2 group room
Picture 11 A Y4 classroom
Picture 12 A Y3 classroom
Picture 13 Parent waiting area
Picture 14 Main entrance to school