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Norbreck Primary Academy

Class 2H

Welcome to Class 2H!


Miss Hancock and Miss Montgomerie



Class Routines


Year 2 Timetable

u8.50-9.00 Morning work, Milk.

u9.00-9.30 Registration 

KS1 Assembly every Monday

Celebrations Assembly every Friday

Singing Assembly every other Wednesday

u9.30-10.15 Maths
u10.15-10.30- Break time
u10.30-11.45- Fruit and Newsround
u10.45-11.00- Phonics and Guided Reading Groups
u11.00-11.45- English
u11.45-1.00- Lunchtime
u1.00-1.30- Guided Reading Groups
u1.30-2.15- Afternoon session History, Science, PE etc.
u2.15-2.30- Playtime
u2.30-2.50- Mindfulness/story
u3.00- Hometime





The topics we will cover over the year are:

  • Florence Nightingale and The Great Fire of London
  • The Big Freeze
  • Rainforests - Go Wild
  • Glorious Gaudi 
  • Wacky Windmills 
  • Noble Knights and Daring Dragons


The Year 2 Curriculum

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