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PSHE Whole School Overview

It is now a statutory requirement for primary schools to deliver Relationships Education and the Department of Education (DfE) encourages schools to deliver Sex Education that ensures both boys and girls are prepared for the changes adolescence brings and – drawing on knowledge of the human life cycle set out in the National Curriculum for science – how a baby is conceived and born. Health Education is also statutory in all schools.


Our PSHE education, including statutory Relationships and Health Education, and non-statutory sex education, as recommended by the DfE, provides a framework though which key skills, attributes and knowledge can be developed and applied. This promotes positive behaviour, good mental health and wellbeing, resilience and achievement, helping children to stay safe online, develop healthy and safe relationships, making sense of media messages, challenging extreme views and having the skills and attributes to negotiate and assert themselves now and in the future.


The school’s PSHE provision supports the school’s aims of developing confident citizens and successful learners who are creative, resourceful and able to identify and solve problems. The social and emotional development of pupils is embedded throughout the entire school’s curriculum and culture. 


    SRE Objectives Specifically to Year 5:

    • Identify some products that they may need during puberty and why; 
    • Know what menstruation is and why it happens; 
    • Know the correct words for the external sexual organs; 
    • Discuss some of the myths associated with puberty. 

    SRE Objectives specifically to Year 6:

    • Define the word 'puberty' giving examples of some of the physical and emotional changes associated with it;  
    • Suggest strategies that would help someone who felt challenged by the changes in puberty;  
    • Identify the changes that happen through puberty to allow sexual reproduction to occur; 
    • Know a variety of ways in which the sperm can fertilise the egg to create a baby; 
    • Know the legal age of consent and what it means. 

    Year 6 Growing Up Day Lesson